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Our Vision

Our Vision

  • To become a global company admired for its superior quality products and services.

Our Mission

  • To engage in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality products that best meet the needs of local and international markets with a fair return to our stake holders.
  • To provide rewarding careers for our employees through a quality work environment that assures their commitments to the organization and enables them to actualize their dreams.
  • To remain an exemplary and corporate citizen.

Our Philosophy

  • Whatever is profitable must also be honest, and whatever is honest must also be profitable.
  • To separate profit from honesty is to pervert the first principle of nature.

What We Do

  • Photographic Processing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Bulk importation of commodities
  • Clearing & Forwarding
  • Cooking & Industrial Gas
  • Cement Bagging
  • Crude Oil Marketing
  • Gas Gathering & LPG Distribution

Our Approach

  • We take care of our people and our people take care of the business.